My response would be, talk to my lawyer..and to the judge.

The idea that Noone or Stephen would want a woman like you is laughable. I do not mean that as an insult; it is just that you obviously would not want the kind of relationship they would want. So they would no more want you than you would want them.

Then again, if she is truly smart, she will seek a man who views her as an equal, and a grownup.

The purpose of your fallacious argument is to insult and disparage those women who choose a Taken In Hand relationship by questioning their intelligence unless they fall into line with your ideas. But before you go insulting people, consider the possibility that you might just be mistaken that your choices are best for everyone else. I would rather remain single than be in a relationship in which I was in control of a man. I am not saying that your choice is wrong for you, merely that it would do violence to me psychologically to be in a relationship like that. Different people really do have different choices, "Pat".

Doesn't work that way in your relationship? So you say! Check out the assumptions your SO is making about you, gal. If he's like a lot of the men on here, you have already been relegated to the second-class and minor child category.

This is not how I see it at all. One of us must be wrong about this, "Pat". What I don't understand is why you seem so angry that Taken In Hand women feel differently from the way you do. Why not just let us get on with it, and you do the same? Why do you want to stop other women freely choosing to live the way they want to live?

by Sarah Cavendish on 2004 Dec 20 - 22:58 | reply to this comment
Very Clear, Sarah
Sure. It is clear to me that for yourself, you don't want a choice. But the way these men talk, they couldn't care less whether you want it or not!

They think it is their right to impose their will, whatever you think or say.

Maybe that makes your juices flow, but, it doesn't apply to the next woman.

Do not tell me it is "insane" to suppose they are doing this without consent. Read what they say. I have no reading comprehension problem and I understand them just fine. They think it is their God or Nature-given right to impose their will, and not to have to negotiate or respect limits.

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