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You might consider that to be "intolerant," but I don't. All that tolerance requires of me is that I allow for the right of others to pursue their own path to happiness in their own way. It does not require that I must find their habits and inclinations appealing. Indeed, it does not even require that I pretend not to be repulsed by their habits, if that is my genuine emotional response. And that is my very genuine emotional response to any man who would "submit" to a woman, and it has always been that way for me. For you or anyone to suggest that I need to change my gut feelings on this, when I neither want to change them nor am able to change them, that would strike me as both unreasonable and intolerant.

"And yes, it is your loss. Did you know that lots of men are dominant with one woman and submissive with another? You don't even have to be a switch, to love one."

No, it is not my "loss" - because there is no way in hades that I would ever want a man with a submissive streak to even get within kissing distance of me. And yes, I do know that there are men who play at being dominant with some women, and play at being submissive with other women. I do not consider them to be dominant men. A truly dominant alpha male is *only* dominant, especially towards women, and never submissive.

And your comment about me "not having to be a switch" seems oddly irrelevant here. This is not about me being or not being a switch. It's about whether or not I would have a man who is a switch. You don't even know that I'm not a switch; I could be a woman who likes to dominate other women, but who will only submit to a dominant man. And there are women around like that. (But, no, I'm not one of them. Although I have frequently been on the handle end of the whip in other contexts. And I can sometimes get testy being around "dommes" because I figure if there's going to be any 'alpha female' around, it's going to be me.)

So: This is not about me never wanting to dominate anyone. I'm sure I have more of a dominant streak than I like to admit. (But not really a sexual dominant streak.) It's about me wanting to sexually submit only to a man who is always dominant, towards all women that he has ever had a sexual interaction with. Because in my book, anything else would make him insufficiently strong, manly, and dominant for me. I can only love, worship, and adore a man who is always powerful and sexually dominant towards women. That's what I mean by a dominant alpha male.
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