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I mean by 'persona' a set of habitual patterns of behavior (where others would call it 'personality' -- but we all have more than one persona). We all have dominant and submissive personas to use when appropriate, whatever our primary persona.

But we also have an emotional core (sub-conscious) that produces our emotions. And the emotional core qualities (while fixed in each person) can be anywhere from strong dominant thru almost neutral to strong submissive. And there usually is tension between our persona traits and our emotional core qualities.

Natural submissives (emotional core) sometimes have primary dominant personas and adapt to it. So, IMO, whether D/D would work at all (assuming one party is a natural dominant) depends on whether the other party is a natural submissive with a strong dominant persona.

I can't see how two strong natural dominants can get satisfaction from an intimate relationship. Friends, maybe

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Aug 5 - 23:39 | reply to this comment
I would expect that even between two dominant personalities one will be stronger than the other. If they are 100% evenly matched in that respect maybe Taken In Hand isn't for them.

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Aug 8 - 22:08 | reply to this comment
Why would a dominant woman want a dominant man?
Sarah, what I don't get is why a dominant woman like yourself would want a dominant man.
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