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The punitive part of our relationship is rare but when it occurs it occurs strictly and very firmly. It is painful at the time, but soon it becomes pleasant -- and very worth while. Our relationship is much the better for an occasional spot of strictnes.

by advoca on 2005 Jul 4 - 06:19 | reply to this comment
Look Again
So do you like the Stick or dont you? Look again Ms Cavendish. Those that likes to be spanked OTK are no different than those that like the Stick.

If sticking by one's principles is Alpha then he's an Alpha. And I guess I am too. But I don't think that is what defines an Alpha though it may be a part of it.


by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Jun 25 - 01:03 | reply to this comment
Definitions and Leadership
Pat: I am not sure it can be defined, definitively. In part because one woman's Alpha might be another woman's Alfalfa.

I do think, IRT character and principles, it is nigh onto impossible to be Alpha without having those good foundational qualities of character; because without them there is no base on which to build. There is nothing there to follow, as it were.

And I do think that some of the insecure wanna-be "doms" that are to be found out there are really alfalfa parading as Alpha, chiefly because they lack the requisite character to be truly Alpha, so they play pretend by looking for an even weaker, sillier character to fool into being "their" submissive.

Hey, whatever works, but if the discussion is about True Alpha, then...

Meaning; if a woman lacked good character, intelligence and sense, she would follow a man who lacked good character, intelligence and sense, simply because she wouldn't really know better. And they may believe they are Alpha male/Alpha submissive female, they may tell themselves that, they may tell others that, but they are in fact Delta male/Delta submissive female. If you use the military phonetic alphabet, Delta might could stand for "dork" by the way.
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